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Our History

The Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center (PCYCC) was established in late 1977s being prompted by the goals and objectives set forth in the organization of the Pacoima Community Choir, on June 20, 1977.

Mrs. Jane McGlory, Founder, assisted by Mrs. Vera Oden and Paul Myers founded the Youth Center. The initial program of the Choir for the Center was to find a means of averting the youth away from drugs and as an outlet for the youth who were resorting to "street crimes" as a way of life.

Historically, the Center started with the Pacoima Community Choir, choosing green and black as their colors and serving some fifty to seventy-five youths in the first days of operation. Soon thereafter the Center was organized to include a Board of Directors, with an Official (all volunteers) Staff implementing the weekly program activities. Leroy Geter was the first PCYCC Executive Director and held that position for six years. Within the next year, the Center was organized more fully. The Center was located in a house donated by Mrs. Jane McGlory for four years. In 1982 we moved to the present location.

Program activities was developed to service youth in the following areas: Music Education; Theater and Drama Workshop; Health and Nutrition; Personal Development Program; Youth Christian Services; Sports and Recreation; Arts and Crafts; Social and Community Services; and Counseling and Referral.

Today, the Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center is a fully incorporated, non-profit, charitable and educational community service organization.

The Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center was chartered with the State of California on February 29, 1979 as a Cultural Enrichment, Educational and Charitable Organization.

PCYCC still promotes program activity in the original service areas; however, there are some distinctive modifications. These modifications include: Job Development; Youth Employment; Community Awareness and Involvement; Education (which includes tutoring, pre-entrance college counseling, Christian education); Dance; Voice; Performing Arts; and Martial Arts.

The Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center has present its scholarships called the "William C. Thompson III, Memorial Scholarship," after the late son of Mrs. Jane McGlory who died of a drug overdose shortly after returning home from the Viet Nam War. The death of her son inspired her to formulate the Pacoima Community Choir and the Center.

In May 1983, Richard Packard became our second Executive Director. In April 1985, Betty Doss became our third Executive Director. Arthur Broadous is our present Executive Director. We thank God for the great expertise each director has given PCYCC.

The primary objective of the Center is to provide an avenue whereby the youth of the community might develop their mental, physical, spiritual, educational, social, and cultural awareness through participation in the various programs and activities offered at the Pacoima Community Youth Cultural Center. The Center has created an atmosphere in which the youth can think creatively and intelligently. This, then, is the necessary ingredient in the development of the "whole person."

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Our Founders

Jane McGlory

Group photos of computer class members. They that trust in the "LORD" shall be as Mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth forever. Psalm 125:1.

The Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center has come this far by faith in GOD. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

Special congratulations to everyone who has been a Board of Director, Staff Member, Associate Members, Volunteers and supporters of PCYCC these past ten years. Our task is a heavy responsibility but with GOD as our leader we can do anything but fail. There are many children, youth and young adults in the northeast San Fernando Valley that have been helped at PCYCC. We believe a life is too valuable for drugs to destroy. As we reach out to the youth of our community and surrounding areas, we also visit youth that are incarcerated in Juvenile halls, camps and California Youth Authority Institutions, we want them to know we love them and we are concerned about their future to help them build self-esteem and plan goals to lead good constructive lives.

Every act of life has its influence in forming the character. A good character is more precious than worldly possessions and the work of forming it is the noblest in which we can engage. Each day our youth's character structure is going up, won't you join us in this effort? PCYCC needs dedicated individuals who are concerned about their fellowman. There is a drug epidemic in our Country and every concerned citizen across this nation must get involved to help the fight against drug abuse before it destroys our country. The Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center is here to help because LOVE GROWS HERE.

Jane McGlory, Founder


Vera Oden

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Board of Directors


LaMar Rucker

Vice President:

Alton Smith

Executive Secretary:

Herbert Thompson


Leroy Geter


*Dora Tate
*Mrs. D.J. Stevens
*Bruce Holloway

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Administration and Staff

“Acting Executive Director:

Herbert Thompson

Program Development Consultant:

Leroy Geter, Charter Executive Director

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