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The Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center is trilled that you're visiting are website today. PCYCC wishes to thank you for spending your valuable time with us.

It's our goal to reach as many of the community members and visitors with timely Group photos of PCYCC members and staff.information that is relevant to the immediate needs of PCYCC's surrounding communities. Ideally, this will become the POC (Point Of Contact) for the community. Sort of your ONE-STOP for people who want to be in the know.

We are confident that as you surf the pages of the PCYCC website you'll find very useful information that will aid you in whatever your endeavors are or direct you to the appropriate resources. We have incorporated a wealth of interesting historical facts about the PCYCC as well as information about our programs, activities and many resources for the PCYCC community residents and visitors of all ages.

Please, we invite you to visit the PCYCC's Calendar page often for the latest scheduling of programs, activities, meetings, outings and many other community events.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your concerns and or your comments.


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65/35 Gala Celebration March 10, 2012 at 6PM

March 12, 2012


Greetings Family, Friends, and Colleagues:

Both PCYCC and I appreciate what you have done on our behalf.  I can truly say that your generosity and efforts were a real blessing for me as well as the organization that I have come to love and respect. 
The evening's program offered a rare and sobering opportunity for the guests to learn of what this organization has been doing over past thirty-five years. I have been humbly using my God-given talents, gifts, and opportunities to be a mere vessel in the Father's vineyard.  The program states and I repeat here as a reflection of what last Saturday's moments in time mean to me. 

"I had some good friends along the way, loved ones departed in heaven to stay; but I thank God I didn't lose everything.  I lost possessions that were so dear; I lost some battles for walking in fear.  But in the midst of my struggles and my season of pain, one thing never wavered, one thing never changed. I never lost my hope; I never lost my joy; I never lost my faith, but most of all, I never lost my praise."

Thank you for making my journey on this side rich, joyful, and prayerful for
more than 35 years in the San Fernando Valley communities where I serve.


Leroy Geter

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The Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center, Inc. (PCYCC) is excited about the prospects and promises of being relocated to the Mount Zion Baptist Church facility in San Fernando.  The center, which was organized in 1977 by the establishment of the original Pacoima Community Choir, has been serving the Northeast San Fernando Valley communities and beyond for more than three decades. 

As the center transitions into its new location, we reach out to well-wishers and supporters for encouragement and financial support to continue our legacy of service and commitment to the continual development of youth and their families.  In order to meet our goals and objectives as a youth and family services program, we are seeking funding support for our Victim's Rights Assistance Program (V-RAP), and two new initiatives, the African American Neighborhood Network/Culture Center (AANNCC) and the H.E.L.P. (Higher Education Literacy Project) respectively. 

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Make your check payable to PCYCC and mail to:
Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center
P.O. Box 331210
Pacoima, CA  91331

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To learn more about these new initiatives at PCYCC,
Click below to read more:

PCYCC endeavors to make a difference in the lives of the youth and their families by becoming their "game-changer" agency.  Because we never lost our hope and faith, we will continue to find time for our praise!

Thank God for Mount Zion Baptist Church of Pacoima.

Leroy Geter,
Charter Board Member & 1st Executive Director (1977)
Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center, Inc.

Leroy Geter

Pacoima Community Youth Culture Center
13401 Vaughn Street
San Fernando, CA  91340

(818) 361-1999 (message only)
E-mail Mr. Leroy Geter


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Front Page News

Announcing our new and exciting Victim's Rights Assistance Program
(V-RAP). Click here for flyer.

H.E.L.P. (Higher Education Leadership Project) coming soon.
Click here for Proposal.

AANRC (African-American Cultural Network / Resource Center)
Click here for Pilot Proposal.


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